Sanitary sluice with washing and disinfection shoes and disinfection hands.

A special solution for narrow spaces.

One stainless steel casing houses cleaning of soles, disinfection of soles and tops to 3 cm high and disinfection of hands with a turnstile.

In places where production zone and social zone of a food production plant meet there is required to install sanitary sluices.
The selection of the appropriate sanitary sluice and additional equipment determine the individual needs of the plant – the type of shoes, number of employees or work system.


Proper choice of equipment can be done on Your own or by AWE specialists.


Due to the location of the containers for cleaning and disinfecting liquids, the hygienic sluices have two construction versions:

– H – containers for liquids are placed in baskets,
– Q – containers for liquids are placed in the cabinet

All sluices can be equipped with a double-acting system (2F)

When ordering sluices, please specify the version - right or left

Additional equipment can be mounted on the sluice - dispensers, baskets, dryers.

brushes length / total length (mm)No catalogue
LS/L = 300/2300
LDC = 400/500
552201 + 551403
LS/L = 600/2600
LDC = 400/500
552202 + 551403
LS/L = 900/2950
LDC = 400/500
552203 + 551403
B = 974


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