Devices made of stainless steel 1.4301.
They link the passage function with the need to perform hygienic activities.
Making proper hand hygienic activities (washing, drying, disinfection) confirmed by light control (red-green), turns rotary gate about 1/3 of tripod rotation and allows for passage of one person.
Basket for 5-liter container of liquid.
Programming the times of individual cycles and the amount of provide liquids.
Anti-vandalism sound alarm.
Power supply: 230 V.
Controlling voltage: 24 V – PLC Siemens Logo! IP 65.
Water supply: 1/2”.
Water drainage: PVC ø 16 mm.
Emergency passage in case of lack of power supply.
Vent air spray buttons.
Installation: to the wall, using a floor construction, on the washers units

drive: AWE. TURN, no cat. e.g. 551403-AT-01
drive: SPRING.TURN, no cat. e.g. 551403-ST-01
4 nozzles (two for each hand) for special order
low level liquid detector with light control for special order
two arms (call us)

Noactivitiesdimensions L x B x H (mm)weight (kg)
551409soap providing, hand washing (sink),
1/3 of rotation
950 x 315/870 x 121563,6