Sanitary double sluice SUPER TWIN 555606

Sanitary double sluice SUPER TWIN cat No 555606

Sluice made of stainless steel 1.4301.
Sluice is intended for plants with heavy traffic. It has the latest legally protected technical solutions.

The production entrance (1) is an integrated hand washing + drying + disinfection system combined with a mechatronic tripod and an anti-vandal sound system.
Automatically switched rotating brushes have two zones.
The first one – blue – washes the soles with a cleaning liquid.
The second one – yellow – is pressure disinfection of soles with a disinfectant liquid.
Return from production (2) is the washing of soles integrated with a mechanical tripod (three- or two-arm).
Return sole washing function can be extended with easily replaceable longitudinal horizontal brushes for washing shoe uppers (3).

Sluice has a common water supply, electricity supply and outflow.
The alarm function allows free passage in both directions.

Power supply: 400 V, 50 Hz.
Drive: 4 x 0.3 kW, IP 55.
Switching on and off: photocell system.
Control and programming: 24V – PLC Siemens LOGO! IP65.
Water supply: 1″.
Water drainage: PVC 50 mm.
Automatic intake of washing and disinfecting liquids.

Cat Nobrushes L (mm)lenght (mm)width (mm)height (mm)