Devices designed for hygienic, contactless:
– liquid soap supply,
– disinfectant liquid supply,
– hand washing,
– drying hands.

Independent nozzles automatically supply liquids when the hands are placed in the housing’s
Light control of proper activities (red-green).
Devices made of stainless steel 1.4301.
Programming the times of individual cycles and the amount of provide liquids.
Basket for 5-liter container of liquid.
Devices mounted to the wall or washer units.
Power supply: 230 V.
Controlling voltage: 24 V – PLC Siemens Logo! IP65.
Vent air spray buttons.

Noactivitiesdimensions (mm)weight (kg)
551301hand disinfection or soap providing
outlet PVC ø 10 mm
770 x 315 x 37516,5